Creative ideas to market your products

This is my first post in English, as I used to only blog in Arabic, I’m trying to explore new audience and meet new people as well. So I believe there is nothing better than sharing my ideas with you.

Going straight to the point, I was wondering how can we push a new product into the market. Or to be specific, how to push a new product into a full market?

Let’s say I’m going to market a new Biscuits, and this kind of products could be found anywhere, at any price, and from many sources. So my first guess would be focusing on the added value. Maybe using 100% natural ingredients might be a good starting point. Or maybe containing a lot of fibers and protein is a factor to reduce the competition from 100 to 50 or maybe 40.

Now we have to push more, and some might go with creating an attractive wrapping paper and colorful boxes and so on. but this kind of ideas could be easily adapted. any company could do the same. so we need another idea.

I though about something really different, and more humanitarian. How about informing our customer that buying our product means 1% from it’s price going to a charity. or Maybe telling our customer that 10% of their bill will go immediately to an organization to help cure some serious illnesses or take care of homeless people as well.

At the end, we, as company owners or Marketers should care about our society cuz life is not just about money all the time.

Let’s leave that issue and try to find a solution for other products. Say we want to sell a new wall painting product. why should we stick with the same traditional billboards and magazines? how could the customer know that this products is really different?

Saying this products is “blabla” free, or is more environment friendly might not be the answer all the time. even the price won’t be a good point. So we should be creative again.

Simply, we could go to any shopping mall and rent a small space, especially that dead space in the parking lots which will be in -2 or -3 floors. We could paint the columns there using the product we want to sell with one tag stating the company name, product & colors codes, painting date as well. Maybe a QR code to scan it and go to the website or download the app, or even opening the maps to find the nearest shop selling this product.

Seeing the product live will push your customer to take a decision and maybe eliminate the possibility to look in the market for other brands. What’s better than a fresh looking painted column though it has been painted long time ago? isn’t it more attractive in customers eyes?

هذا المقال متوفّر باللغة العربية كذلك. اضغط هنا للانتقال إليه.

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