Startups and the myth of monetize

Most of the Startups launch their businesses after having a small idea and convert it into a real project, no matter what the idea is.

The road is not easy, but some how after having a business plan everything starts to take a shape. Inside that plan there will be a chapter or even a paragraph stating the monetizing process, and how to start making money from that project.

There is nothing wrong with that mentality, and it’s safe to do so cuz no body wants to waste hundreds of dollars on a project without knowing how to cover the fees or at least the running cost.

But unfortunately, a lot of people spend 1% of their time crafting and developing the idea, while spending 50% thinking how to make money out of it!

What if Mark Zuckerberg spent his time thinking about how to make money from Facebook instead of coding it. Or What if Mr.Ahmad Abdulakader, CEO of AitNews, or Saud Al-Hawawi CEO of Tech-wd, Spent their time thinking about how to get money from their projects.

Let’s talk logic, having an idea without a prototype or a real project means nothing, means zero for you, for me, and for the universe. But having something in hand means a lot of things.

Having a project at any cost could open a new opportunity for you. if you are making coffee at your food truck, someone might love the idea and buy it from you. if you are writing articles for your website, someone could invest in your it. If you are coding your app, someone might come and pay you to put his ad.

Find the added value for your project and work on it, Money will come. If it didn’t, no worries, at least you have learned a lot of things during that journey.

Opportunity will knock your door, you have to create it first. and If you want to be sure, just revise the history of all the successful people and you will find a long list of failures.

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