From Zero to One

From Zero to One… A Total Failure

When I accepted the offer to work as a Regional Entrepreneur I decided to share every step I will do since it was a new experience for me, and I have wrote various articles -Mostly in Arabic- marking all my tiny steps.

To be honest, everything was so clear for me after the second meeting, and I was sure about reaching this end because you always have to read between the lines, ignoring 75% of the bullshit you would here from most of people. Sorry for being harsh, but truth is truth for me :).

Acting slow is so dangerous and it could kill your Startup. Thus, always try to be quick but with logical steps, don’t rush and don’t take turtle steps, Balance.

You should know that you have two engines for your project, the first is your team, the second is your users. No matter how powerful is one of them, you should care about the other. If you have an app or a website, make sure you have a team of programmers with you. If you make coffee, make sure to have an experienced person.

You don’t want the team to stick around as long as you -or your partners- could hold it and go on. otherwise, buy a grave to your project and move to the next one.

At the end, it was a good journey which pushed me to read some books suck as From Zero to One & Launch as well. for now, I’m just focusing on developing more skills and I will start reading Creativity Inc Book.

ملاحظة: هذه التدوينة متوفّرة باللغة العربية.

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